The Marauders Special Recon Battalion  recently brought  home the "Paintball  Medal of Valor" From TAW

Combat Zone in Oroville CA- Night of February 3-4, 2007
General Fridaddy
was captured at the TAW scenario game by members of the Marauders Special Recon Battalion / 3rd Squad.  Virus (out of ammo) along with his son Germ infiltrated enemy lines and kidnapped the enemy's General while he sat in his HQ.  This General  happened to be the infamous leader of Team Lockdown.   They returned with  Gen. Fridaddy  (who had a marker held to his head)  through enemy lines once  again. They then  rejoined ShadowHawk  and took their captive to HQ.  The game was won after a stand off in front of the home HQ.  The captive was held out in front of the besieged HQ bunker until the firing ended. For this, The Recon Bn. brought  home the "Paintball Medal of Valor" for the Second Division Marauders!  Virus has received the Silver Ball and Germ is up for the Brass Ball.  Good job to the whole Battalion.  

Gen. Fridaddy

When an action by a player is clearly above and beyond  what is normally expected from a Marauder during the course of any action,  and when  those actions have been determined to be: "UNIQUE AND EXEMPLARY BY THEIR NATURE AS WELL AS DECISIVE IN THEIR EFFECT TO THE OUTCOME OF A MAJOR ENGAGEMENT", that player earns the SILVER BALL!  Out of the near 100 Marauders that have worn the patch, only 3 have qualified.

Sgt.1st Class Virus is presented the Silver Ball by 3rd Squad's First
Sgt. Havok on 8-5-07 for his capture
of the enemy general on 2-4-07 at a TAW event.

aintball Medal of Valor
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