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Historic Archives of MARAUDER'S Campaigns

Filed by Charles Evans
Battle Report,
Oroville Feb 6,7,8, 2009
Game: Malice in Bunker Land.

It's Thursday morning, and Shadowhawk is fully prepared to make the long drive to Oroville, CA and the Combat Zone, for the TAW scenario event. Trailer in tow with the Guilty Pleasure Marauder tank. Following would be myself bringing Rasputin, an Ops force player for his first scenario event. Joining us would also be a Marauder recruit, Collateral
I showed up with high anticipation of being able to play with Team Jolt, who were 11 strong at my count. Then we Marauders had the following player attendance list of thirteen. One of which is an Ops force player, and one guest. MiniShadow. Havok, Redball, Pindar, Thermos, Shadowhawk, Virus, Big Dog, Little Dog, Sir Killalot, Rasputin, Killa Ranza, Collateral, and MiniShadow. Friday, I moved to make sure all my gear was staged and ready to go, new lens installed, that night, and made sure my gun, barrel plug, hopper, and gloves were ready to go in a second's notice. I just needed to get my paint and ID badge and to chrono at 285 fps. My gun was shooting just at 284 at the top side. I was good to go.

Well we jumped into Guilty Pleasure and headed out. Since Shadowhawk took Chris'( AKA Snapshot from paintball x 3 for ride in the stealth tank to catch some video), I took Rasputin out in it for his first time. Quickly tagging in with the tank at our CP, we made a S line to the enemy's forward lines and took a high position by driving Guilty Pleasure to the top of the highest dirt mound. Just then at the peak, two of Mad Hatters' crew approached a rock and shot at us pierced through the small open gap bouncing the nerf right off my knee. The ref's yell out "disabled tank!" The tank needs two nerf rockets hits to take it out, they only had one. This would disable the tank for 15 minutes. I open the gun port flap for better vision while instructing the first time scenario player and new-to-paintball Rasputin to shoot anything that has yellow arm bands. His gun starting ringing out. He nailed a few of the Stonecutterz that were in his gun sights. Meanwhile I was closing off two approaching paths from long distance with double shots first for effect second to let 'em know that's as far as they get! The collection of players at my far left closing point were working. They now needed to sweep over to get out of the controlled space we owned. This went on for a full 15 minutes. Then we were back in and mobile, as the tank was now underway. We pressed quickly forward shooting a few players out, before two more well-placed rockets took us out completely. We headed back for repair and a quick tag in, driving the tank far east from out previous position. We took the outer tape boarder line we and then pressed the south east flank, driving up unnoticed, to their immediate side flank at their main CP. With the motor off, flaps open for better view, My Quest rang out one shot at a time, sending balls to players backs, and sides as no one was looking our way. One player moved around and yelled at his own player for shooting him! When it was me sending long balls out there at them! When he quickly figured it out, I dialed in on his mask to let him know he was out. Our troops approached and over-ran the Mad Hatters' base. A full reset was called. We headed back to the Marauders' camp, reloaded and revived with some much needed water. The Marauders were going out again, basically Marauders were everywhere.

I was getting ready to go on foot when I asked Havok for a ride in the new Marauders APC, I took the turret as this was my favorite spot. We took off and tagged in picking, up Big Dog in center gunner position. Webber, joined in as shotgun for co axle gunner position. This high bread machine makes no noise, so stealthy in fact at one point we snuck up while driving while we were all talking about who and where to shoot a poor fellow. Lets say if he was a jackass, the back part would be the area in which he was violated. It was Webber's shot. We all chuckled because the guy's emotions must have been ruined; or he was still simply in pain and utter shock. Ouch! We all laughed uncontrollably. This just may have been too funny to watch. We moved on and took out Ops Force players like scrambling flys. Then we were finally taken out. We went back to the Marauders camp, to reload, and refresh. While checking in on our safety meeting, we geared up to insure all was well with everyone, and everyone was having a good time. All was going pretty well as you could hear the ruffled feathers of the Mad Hatters "hating" on the tanks. The complaints flew in, so we went afoot. Loading all four of my pods, I headed out. Pindar at full left rear flank and none other then Ajnin from Fatal Paint as a medic. We pressed the far northern west, flank denying them any forward advancement, we pressed moving low and through the water mud bog trench. I engaged with a member from Jolt, I used my best cover tactics to get and move after every shot he fired. Since he was shooting a pump at me, the balls were zing by each time closer and closer as I was getter closer and closer. This went on for about 5 minutes. I reloaded pods laying straight forward. I had to dive to the ground with out any real cover. I figured I would probably get shot in the mask. Just then, I jumped up and moved over to my right, with my marker drawn left for the bunkering. This is it. I press forward super fast, and boom, took him, out, I realize I'm further along and still alive. Then I planned a small scheme. I spun around hard right, to the old duce army truck. I saw three players on the other side. I started taking them out and making them scramble to expose themselves. I as going to take them out with no doubt. Pressing forward, I remove one more player at the edge of the woods. Shaking my hopper I realize it's that time. I'm at 40 to 50 shots, I pressed toward my west flank to draw paint from the enemy opposition, the Mad Hatters. Whom attention was taken away for a moment with some long balls. Just then I got shot in the foot by Joey (Team Jolt) from across the field. Time to head back to Marauders camp and reload and get air from Airwolf. Night game approaches.
I switch my lens out, and get ready to head for the night game. I chrono at 250. Can we say what a high arch rainbow. Take time to check your shot when shooting this low. You don't want to be caught at night not being able to see your shot trajectory. So you need to retrain quickly where you can see and make note of the gun angle for muscle memory, this works great, for me, I moved out with this in mind. I knew I would run into others shooting above this speed, so I went old school on 'em, and made sure to move with extreme caution. I also set my taps wisely. At night every player seems to be at a bunker. We were pressed in when spotlights come across the hill down on our position.
I stood in full view as they lit me up for a bit. But no shots rang out. I moved closer to the next bunker being followed by Bigdog. I suddenly decided to back off from the light and move to the tape line's shadow, then I pressed forward to the left of them. I moved in straight from their immediate right, pressing past the helicopter. I was then spooked by Bigdog's flashing lights but moved with caution toward the spotlights near the last position.
Nothing. No engagement. They're not there on our outer perimeter, I noticed the cement tunnel running down and checked it carefully in case, you know someone sneaky is there. There were berry bush thorns, nice. I laughed. Most players won't be in there, I moved atop of the cement tunnel giving me an over-view of the clear areas and the three other intersecting paths from the Mad Hatters' CP. I tell myself "I bet, they went back to tell them". Sure thing, just a few moments later I notice movement on center path. Two players moving shoulder to shoulder, I waited until they crossed to the open. Since they were shoulder to shoulder to each other, they were then were shot ad I yell out "your out". They went for a tag in. I was then sure they would be back. I told Bigdog (he had shot one of the players at the same time) "They're going to come back. I'll move down and choke em off from there. Stay up here and draw 'em in. Sure thing like clock work. Those two were shot out again. At this point in time I scrambled back up to Bigdog. I moved up and a fight ensued, Bigdog was shot out some how, but I shot that player. I moved to the far right on the dirt hill watching all previous kill positions for their anticipated return. Here they come. I laid down watching them and waiting for them to take position. Just as they kneeled down I blasted 'em both out again. Pindar walked up just as it happened. I head a branch crack behind me and spun around looking down the dark path. Only one little green LED light but I'm not chancing it. Bam bam bam bam; I separate my shots as the LED flash, "I'm out the players yells" and sure thing, he was not on my team! Time to move, I pressed back now separated, and by myself. I moved through the very thick woods. That night I was having some minor fog problems. Heading back to the CP, I jumped up and started to walk in. As I do, I heard this interview going on and they ask "Is that one of yours," "yeah" they say, "No" I'm thinking. I get lit up with a light and quickly say turn it off. Did you see anyone? The light goes off, and the guy approaches me and is within a few feet, I barrel tag him in the near same instance as my arm moves he figures it out. He's getting barrel tagged. I quickly say "Don't say anything you're a dead",. The player walked toward the CP as he argues. Boom CP taken, I quickly take their green cool florescent glow stick. No CP Light for you………..they argue with me about the fact of the take saying he could have shot me. "Well", I said, "I could have shot you, but you got barrel, tagged". He said "I put the light on you", I said "This isn't laser tag!" But, "it's all good". I said "Have respect, you know what happened". The three said we'll then go out and come back. "OK", I said. I headed, out and noticed, who else, but a 6 pack or so of the Marauders. Nice. "I'll be back, I have to reload, and get a different gun". I said. I quickly changed out for my Quest and grab my pre-filled pods, and fill the gun, run back out and yell MARAUDERS. Quickly a response from Shadowhawk. I noticed he was hidden so well. Collatarol was doing major damage from his position, Minishadow, Redball, Bigdog, Littledog, and I'm not sure who else. Were headed toward their CP no engagement what so ever, then we almost blast Redball who led a real fast flank scouting move and popped up in front of us all. We then headed toward the CP with only two in resistance. We quicly made them squelch to a non merciful ending. His lesson for not wearing your pants on the field. So he was blasted! I Noticed no other resistance So we swept the field all the way back to our CP. We were yelling "MARAUDERS!!", We had Shadowhawk, chanting something to the effect of Stoncutterz come out and play. Like a scene from Warriors. We checked in with the General and let him know no one else was on the field other than the three at the other CP. Who don't want none; and couldn't handle the Marauders mighty night jungle fighters. WE won the Game. No awards for the Marauders, but we won prizes. I won carnage gloves and some pants. I them gave to Bigdog. Littledog won a box full of paint grenades, Rasputin won a nice gun bag. Ranza won a 3 pod pack and pods and gave it to a small kid that won a gun and some other items. Shadowhawk, won a Ricochet Hopper. It was funny, we were cleaning up. Long pack a long drive, were back and see you on Sunday. All Marauders were out at different times, and at the same time,
Recon Battalion present were Havok, Redball, Pindar Thermos, Shadowhawk, Virus, Big Dog, Little Dog, Sir Killalot, Killa Ranza, Collatarol, MiniShadow, and Rasputin

Marauders were playing their favorite game. Outnumbered by as much as a
third and surrounded.
Sunday October 16th, 2005 

Filed by Charles Evans
Virus Marauders Volunteers for Command of Ops Force

Game one - Marauders Hold Fort Charlie, Ops Force Attack and Red Halo takes Bunker.

 Sergeant Virus of the Marauders’ 3rd Squad Reporting.
Sunday October 16th, 2005 09:10 am I arrived at the Island.    I talked to Predator he said we needed a volunteer to take command of the Opposition Force.  All patch wearing Marauders were to hold Fort Charlie, I would have to shoot against my son  ( Germ War Fair ) and new right hand ( Shadow Hawk ) because they are not team members.  My number one rule, was not to break our crew  up and/or shoot against each other, ( This is limited to your small pals or family, not a whole team) so with this the case, it was no problem for me to take control of the Ops Force. It was confirmed that I would assume command and Predator made the announcement that Sergeant Virus of the Marauders would take command.  He then offered me a battle map of the field.  Prior to game one (attack Fort Charlie)  I gathered the Ops Forces for a briefing.  I knew as a Marauder this was not going to be easy at all; many have tried and failed time and time again, I first needed  to make sure that I truly took command and to collect them into a group and see which players have played the field previously.  To my surprise as many as half the players were somewhat familiar with certain positions and other players were brand new to the game and  true newbies.  I asked all the players if they had call signs and only one or two had them.  I told the group of players who I was- Virus, and I used to run with Apocalypse (RIP), one of the most fierce players in the game.  I added that by the next game they should choose a call sign.  Their friends are always great at helping to pick a fitting name.  The name should  be selected carefully.  They agreed and we all laughed, I pulled the map of the field to confirm tactics and asked ,just as Predator suggested, to see who was comfortable playing where.  I immediately had a Volunteer for the 8 O' Clock position to attack Fort Charlie, Red Halo  ( Givoni ) was using an Ion with bright red halo hopper, I matched him up with two other new players.  I then asked for a group to attack the 6 and flank the 5, while one more group of three would move to the 12 and 1 O' clock positions. My group would move to the 2, 3, and 4 O'clock and add diversion fire.  The game plan is to spread the Marauders thin, and to have the players cover opposite side players when the battle starts and increases.  This will separate the Marauders who are holding the Fort .  As Shadow Hawk and Germ Moved to cover 6 and 7 O clock, the rest of Ops Force increased fire. They shot from the 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 , 11 and 12 O ‘clock positions   forcing the Marauders to spread and adjust covering positions.  The Ops force team rained fire giving Red Halo  the chance to move in through a hail fire from Fort Charlie and win the game.  Ops Force had taken Fort Charlie from the Marauders!  Game One was over.  I went to every player after the game and congratulated them on a Job well done. It is not an easy task to take control of the Marauders all playing together.  I explained, to ops force I  was overjoyed, and to  the get ready for the next game.

Game Two Sunday October 16th, 2005 
Ops Force Holds Fort Charlie and Holds off Marauders attack.

Prior to the game I went over map positions and added extra forces to the tower, I explained each field of fire and told the team not to be so distracted by other fire fights.  We placed a surrounding defense ring on the inner perimeter to hold all positions adding extra coverage to the 5,6,7 O’clock ,with a sweeping crew on stand-by for the 12 and 9 positions, Shadow Hawk and Germ would cover the 1 and 2 O’clock with a line of sight on 3 O' clock.  we placed our Sniper Swampthing at  the 1 O' O Clock for cross fire coverage on the front of the bunkers facing the 3,4,5 O’clock. I took the center bunker with Red Halo.  We saw Predator on the move, Predator and Virus started to fire against each other.  After a few minutes of battling I was able to get eliminate Predator taking one of his two lives.  Just then Red Halo alerted me that there are two Marauders attacking from the creek side and three moving toward the 12 O’clock.  I  shot toward t two attacking Marauders. at the 6 and 7 O’clock. Then I redirected my fire pressing back an attack at the 12 covering Germ and Shadow Hawk. I looked over to check the tower.  I heard this crazy sound of the an Ion belonging to Red Halo going off and removing a Marauder, I then asked for movement and position to be called out from the ops force.  They sounded off some positions and we adjusted accordingly.  The sweeping crew and I gave area fire to the attack positions around the Fort. We then ran into the bunker to check how we were doing. We are fully covered, I check the 9 O clock to see Sandman in the distance.  I am now low on air and unable to shoot that far, Sandman shoots and hits the bunker with great accuracy.  I moved back out to cover the 3,4, and 5 O’clock position and cover Red Halo,  Then the Whistle blew and the time was up!  Ops Force Holds Fort Charlie!  Game Two won by the Op Force.  After the Game I thanked all the players.  I was truly amazed at their skill and ability to concentrate on their objectives.  It was a true team effort and the Ops Force finally showed signs of some amazing playing,  They all had smiles of excitement to have won the second game in a row.  I thought my leadership was pretty good.  I asked them how some of the suggested strategies worked and they report they worked flawless.  Great Job Guys! 

Game Three October 16th, 2005

Marauders Hold Fort Apache, Ops Force Attacks and Virus Takes Bunker.
We were all geared up and ready to go, standing at Fort Charlie.  I asked the players to gather again. I began pointing to the map showing everyone the clock positions, This is to insure everyone knows where they need to be and where the teammates will be.  It will cut down on confusion.  I also explained that I had never attacked or played this part of the field.  One player said he has had some luck attacking from 9 O clock  position.  He was correct that this was a good spot for a quick run to take the bunker.  This is also how I moved in to win this game (although it was not part game plan at the start), I knew in my gut knowing this would be a true battle.  I ask the Red to move a small patrol to the 6, and 7 o’clock positions, and to wait for other guy’s shooting to begin as a signal.  I explained that they should then retreat back and flank the positions when if and when they got pined down They could then retreat back to 9 O clock for last minute attack.  I took the remaining group (as large as a 12 players)  to follow me for break-off squad,  We would slowly encircle the field;  first moving players in groups of two and three  giving position orders to the small groups. They would hold and attack from 12 and 2 o’clock with cover fire from all of  4, 5, 6 and 7 O’clock positions.  Just as soon as the Red Halo group started to attack, the 12 O clock would ring out with fire, There would be one man at the  2 O’clock. The two three-man groups would spread out to their assigned positions.  I started to engage from the 12 O' clock as the 7 O’clock started to heat up.

  I could see the back of two individuals sweeping to that position to engage.  Just then the 12, 1, and  2 O’clock  woke up with fire.  Then sweeping with the two twin blue masks, and the Germ War Fair squad took position from the 3 and 4.  They were as green as they could be, but very eager,  I moved to catch up to Shadow Hawk as he tailed the two sweeper groups.  When the sweeping to encircle was complete,  the Marauders were surrounded.  Because the 11 and 10 are very  heavy with  brush, I moved in undetected behind a fighting position, I shot one marauder, then I moved more to the 4 O’clock position where Shadow Hawk and me could not be seen, I crept low and moved forward knowing the battle was increasing as fire from all sides now rang out.  You could see the Marauders moving about for cover and to adjust for tighter coverage, I then I heard a voice; HOW FAR UP?  What startled me was Shadow Hawk talking.  I could not see him what so ever.  A few moments later Shadow Hawk engages the bunker.  I was  then was surprised by Metal Dragon 10 Feet away, a few seconds later Metal Dragon shot out Shadow Hawk,  His second life gone, Shadow Hawk was now eliminated from the game. A few seconds later Metal dragon was on the move. I aimed and shot at him with my RT, he dove to the ground so quick and laid flat as I yelled “Check it”.

 He calls “WOUND”, I thought “Oh great” and tuck behind my gun and lay out a half hopper full of balls as he to starts to rapid fire in the same manner.  What fun it is to battle like this, paint is spraying everywhere;  ball breaks all over the grass and weeds I am laying in. Then tags me in the shoulder, and one with that he hit me in the head without breaking, the Green-silverfish balls with green fill, spray with-out breaking on my  mask, ( funny ) I get up and check him for paint he was shot out, We then both head for tag up.  After finding a medic I head right back to the 9 O clock as the group was collecting for final attack.   I hear “I am out of paint”, and “I am out of Air”,.  I check with Germ to see if he wanted to take the chance and head for the bunker. I then turned around and started to run toward the bunker, jumping over some seriously large tree’s and holes.  I shoot toward the bunker gun-slits while on the move in  full Virus Mode.  I  zig-zaged shooting all the way,  I dove to the ground on the 6 O clock  and placed my barrel through the gun slit , Three Marauders were inside with a couple others on the far side of the bunker.  They looked out and said “Virus?”  “Yep”  I said “Game Over”, They asked me to come in the bunker for a paint check, I crawled in with the three Marauders.  Outside there was no whistle and the game was still intense.  Paintballs are hitting from the ops force against the bunker while I am being checked.  No breaks that would count. There were some serious bounces along the way; one off the shoulder and one on the leg.  One more bounced dead in the chest.  Predator blew the whistle to end the game.  Game Three Won by Ops Force! 

Note: After the game I walked out and congratulated the Ops force on a job well done, three games won in a row.  This is unheard of I explained.  They should all be proud. I thanked them for doing well and sticking to the objective.  I also told them I would see them  on the next game and to have their own ops force call signs ready, Special thanks to Ops force team and Marauders for a great day of fun play.
Virus Out

It was the largest game in Marauder History! 

Marauders Largest Battle
Filed by Samuel Zentner
June 12, 2005

   It was the largest game in Marauder History!  A total of 66 players. (some estimated 80) TEAM LOCKDOWN came in from the Sacramento Area with 25 players.  Only five Team Lockdown had been to the Island before, of these only one was present.  The rest  would have to learn this very complex playing field as they went along.  After attacking in the first game against the largest MARAUDER FORCE ever assembled (27 patch-wearing Marauders showed up for the shootout), it was Team Lockdown's  turn to defend Fort Charlie.  Marauders started at Fort Apache.  They formed three strike teams. First and Fourth Squads would cross the Slot and proceed to the 10 and 11 O'clock positions of the Sand Berm cross the slot again and hit at the ridge of Fort Charlie's 9'Oclock. (shown as red arrows)  Second Squad would make the run from the 3 O'clock to split Lockdown's guns between two directions and take the Alpha Bunker.  (shown in yellow arrows) Third Squad would divert more fire from the 6 O'clock. (Shown in blue arrows) Third Squad was led by Camoman and took the majority of the walk-on associate players  (non-marauders).   
      Fire erupted almost immediately when elements of 2nd squad rushed the wall just past the Alpha Bunker and decimated players in the vicinity.  Associate Player Donald led this attack and gave the defenders something to really worry about.  At this time First and Fourth Squads were making their way unseen behind the Sand Berm.  Their movement was fast and quiet. 

When they reached their jump-off point,  cover fire was laid down on the 9 O'clock ridge of Fort Charlie.  The sentry withdrew under the heavy rate of fire of the 11 man patrol.  The withdrawal of those players gave the 1st squad an unexpected opening.  Predator crossed the slot and secured the ridge for the following Marauders. Without firing a shot,  all of First Squad assembled along the  ridge just out of sight of the defenders. Fourth Squad proceeded as planed around River Point and to the 9 and 8 O'clock . When they were in position, Predator looked up and  found 2 Lockdown players in a fighting position on the Maverick Creek ridge engaged with Third Squad who were now delivering fire from the 6 O'clock.  Four long ball shots from his Tippmann flat-line Custom and they were gone.  This woke up 2 players in defense positions 10 feet to his left. They opened up but by then Metal Dragon arrived with more Marauders. They all began firing at the Fort.  The two defenders to the left were shooting at Fourth Squad, who they thought took out the two players shot by Predator.  They forgot about the seven other players directly to their right and exposed their heads a little too much.  It was they who were taken out  next.  This gave the entire 9 O'clock to the control of Marauders.  They exploited this expeditiously.  They moved across the narrow flat plateau.  The intensity of the fire was amazing.  There were approx. 66-70 paintball guns of all description firing as fast as possible.  Predator moved along the ridge from the 9 to the 7 O'clock.  He noticed nobody was shooting at him.  At this point he approached the waterbed bunker.  Still no fire.  He then casually walked up to the gun port at the 7 O'clock and put his gun through to end the game.  Mongoose and Instigator from Fourth Squad had done all the clearing in this area that allowed Predator this rare opportunity to waltz up and end the game.  
     Team Lockdown had done a great job to give us one of the best games ever played at the Island.  Despite not knowing exactly where the fire was coming from, and being heavily outnumbered, they put up a great fight.  
     The real lesson here is one Marauders learned soon after  building Ft Charlie. To hold the Fort, you cannot give up the surrounding area defense positions.  To keep them you have to stay low and not expose yourself to the 360 degree fire from the attackers. Loose those positions and the occupiers of the stockade cannot see enough of what's going around them enough to keep defenders out. 

  To take the Fort you have to bring enough fire to bear on the defenders to suppress them while your team maneuvers. This  takes timing from all the attacking teams to split the defenders guns and keep them from working on one attack team at a time.  Marauders pulled this off after a year of practice.  They won that Game with their experience on that field.  They had more players on the field but it was the Marauder regular players that made the difference through the doctrine of fire and maneuver.  The beginners who added to the numbers were doing what they always do;  find a comfortable place and lob long balls with no effect.      

The Island is one of the most complex game fields in existence.  Nobody has a great first day playing  there. It took 3 months for the Marauders to finally take  Fort Charlie from the defenders.  Lessons were hard learned.  We hope to see TEAM LOCKDOWN again, but we know every time they return they will be harder to deal with.  They were the largest  and toughest team we ever hosted and became the first recipients of the Marauders home field Guest Op-Force Ribbon .  It was our honor to play this honest and safe Paintball Association.  We salute them for a job well done!

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This was a Marauder against Marauder game.

First Amphibious Assault
Filed by Dallion 7th
March 6, 2005

Marauders are known for executing outlandish grueling battle maneuvers. In the winter months you may find them crawling along muddy riverbanks and stepping over and under trees, limbs, branches, and rocks. They cross mud silt ponds. They have waded through chest  deep cold river waters; carrying their guns overhead, silent and unseen. All for the enjoyment of an ultimate surprise attack. Today one would don a wetsuit and swim down the Parjaro River.

 It was the first week of March, and it seemed that the last of the heavy winter storms had finally ceased. The sun had begun to burn through the early morning clouds, and low lying mist. On this day all those who had arrived at the Island were mostly  Marauder Regulars.

In The first battle, the squads were evenly divided with 1st and 2nd squad against the 3rd and 4th squad. The latter were assigned as the defenders of the Island's "Fort Charlie”.  1st Sgt. CamoMan along with Sgt. Mongoose’s 4th Squad. (The Ant Squad), plus two new "Knight Crawlers", were first to set across the new bridge heading to Fort Charlie.

  After the doubled squads gathered at each end of the field  to discuss confidentially their battle plans, Metal Dragon dropped his stuffed backpack at the boots of 1st and 2nd squad and Sgt. Maj. Predator.  Predator announced that Dragon would be attempting the Marauders' first full downriver assault.  Mst. Sgt. Sandman validated the scenario with a nod. Their evil smiles flashed as the proceeding orders clarified their roles in the assault.

Punisher, Reaper, Big Dog, and Samurai were to push forward at the 3 o’clock with Sgt. Papa and Tanker,  crawling to the opposing river bank from the 6 o’clock for an aggressive attack.  If the camouflaged  covered Dragon on his floating decoy was detected by the gunners of the tower, it would possibly be enough of a distraction for a flank assault to be successful.

January’s heavy rains had washed away the old Marauder bridge. The Marauder Corp of Engineers had been sweating bullets in their sleep wondering if the pelting rainfall of those final winter storms would destroy their winter efforts of the newly built and stronger bridge. For the entire past month, the surrounding rivers had been brim full on both sides of the Island. Even the Slot had become a small creek that separated the long narrow landmass of trees, bamboo, and foliage called the Sand Berm. This cut off access from Island to the Pajaro River shoreline, unless one was to wade the short distance across the Slot. But the night before a natural formed damn had broken downstream allowing the Slot  to recede into a deep, slimy mud pit gully.

The plan was code named ‘Still Gonna’.  Because of that morning's declining river level,  the attack wasn’t going to be as strategic as planned. The banks had become exposed, allowing accessibility. This offered a certain probability of observation from the defenders, as they could suspect a gully/riverbank assault.

This was a Marauder against Marauder game
, and everyone was wise to the teams' covert tactics. Going down the rapid rushing river, partially visible through the nearby trees, it was less likely that a camo covered object sweeping pass would be of much concern or threat to the defenders of 3rd and 4th squad; especially once under enemy fire.
 The whistle blew and the Dragon dropped back and crept across the Slot. He then took off his BDUs to expose a wet suit.  He put on his PFD vest and  stuffed his Tippmann A5 in a plastic bag. He sealed it around his wrist, and pulled a small nerf floating device from his kit , Then he whipped open his shield (a small camo umbrella) and slid  into the Pajaro River. The cold rushing water increased in speed as the river narrowed.

The intruding Marauders front line fire kept the camo umbrella, with Dragon behind it, from being sighted. He reported that it worked well in gathering thrust. It was like a sail in the current but it complicated his escape through the dense limbs of the river shoreline. He beached just as planned, before the threatening merging creek at river point.

 All the squads were heavily engaged in gunfire from the 24 guns present. There was a loud  boom and then a well known frightening blast from 1st Sgt Reaper’s grenade launcher that sent a rain of paint, partially smothering the tower: But the fighting defenders survived unscathed.

It was then that Predator and  Sandman sprang without hesitation and had quickly maneuvered through the fallen timber and green foliage. All along the edge of The Slot's steep, slick bank, Marauders  were under a storm of fire from a mix of semi and automatic guns. As they fought back to gain further positions. Punisher, Reaper, Big Dog and Samurai kept  the front lines engaged in a fuselage of fire.  Papa and Tanker‘s ambush turned to a hail of fire from the Fort and they  were  both  eventually eliminated.

 Dragon had slipped up into his position with all intentions to seize  Fort Charlie. But he found himself in the middle of some serious enemy  fire. Dragon joined Sandman and Predator as they pushed around to the 9 o’clock side.

The echoes of full autos rang everywhere with enough fire power to paint a barn inside and out. The front attack line began to collapse. Dragon’s mask had been fogged and his gun jammed with damp, gooey, paintballs. One lone Walk-On gallantly swept Sandman and Predator from the left. While still charging at gunpoint, he forced Dragon to surrender as last man out.

The Fort’s defending 3rd and 4th squadron were awarded victory. The ‘Still Gonna’ mission failed;  and because of Dragon's use of the umbrella, is now jokingly referred to as  "The Mary Poppin’s River Assault".

This was a Marauder against Marauder game.

Fort San Miguel
Filed by Michael G. Shanks

Sunday August 29, 1998 was a slow day at Fort San Miguel compared to our average combat day. The turnout of players was light and even many of the Marauders were absent. Most notably absent was Wizard and the 4th Squad regulars such as Brain and the recently returned Doc.

Wizard usually brings a stock of paintballs from the supply depot. When the question of ammo came up for a few people, Commander McBragg resolved the problem by jumping into his truck and going on a supply mission to J&S Surplus.

The Opposition Force for the day was made up of Brutal-Bob's stepson Steven, Brain's "pinch-hitter" Joe and Aaron, who is from Washington and started coming out to our field during the summer. Bob and his son Bob arrived and a few of the guys from the paintball team, S.C. DoggPound showed up. Other arrivals were Bruce and a handful of local players who know where they can find a good game every other Sunday!

The first game of the day had the Marauders occupying the Fort. Their mission would be to defend the fort against better than two-to-one odds. It would be a forty-minute game. The objective for the Opposition-Force was simple, all they had to do was to Take Fort San Miguel!

The Marauders had agreed to deploy within the fortress area rather than out around the field as snipers or pickets. They would not leave the fortress area until they were fired on by the attacking Op-Force. After that, the Marauders would be free to maneuver. They could conduct a static defense or initiate roving defensive patrols as they saw fit.

They deployed in among the bunker-pits and the connecting trenches that make up Fort San Miguel and watched the Op-Force units maneuver in the field.

A two or three man team worked their way uphill through the trees to get on the ridge overlooking the lower end of the fort. From the ridge they could fire down on some of the positions with what really amounts to harassing fire, though it can make you keep your head down! Others worked around in the field but never seemed to get close enough to do more than lob in the long-balls. Long range shots can be fun to watch and occasionally you can pick off a target or two, but if you really want to take a fortified position, you can't just sit out in a field and use up all your ammo! Sooner or later you have to close with the target and go in to take it!

After-action reports mentioned a four-man Op-Force team who had worked their way up onto the wooded hill above the upper end of the fortress where the Marauder's defense was light, but they never came down to attack.

Apparently, after checking out the situation the Op-Force team pulled back and withdrew from the area without taking advantage of a perfect opportunity launch an attach through the backdoor to the fort!

The two Marauders who were defending the upper end of the main trench-line were nearly dumfounded! "I don't understand it," said Pacman. "They had us! They had our flank, they had us outnumbered and they had the high ground and then they left!"

Meanwhile, down at the lower end of the fortress area, a sudden volley of fire from several guns came in on the out-post bunker at the edge of the ditch. At least two rounds managed to find their target eliminating Maj.D.Saster, who as fate would have it, was the only Marauder to be eliminated, (recreational fatality)?

After that it was a matter of the remaining Marauders holding their positions until the clock ran out.

In game two, the Opposition Force took the walk to defend the fort. They were not subject to any rules about remaining in the fort until being fired upon and could start their defense anywhere in or around the fortress area.

The Marauders moved out from the bivouac to begin their assault and take the fort. They advanced across the field, cutting across the fortress area's front and just flirting with the extreme range of their opponent's guns.

As the skirmish-line turned left and moved in towards the fortress ridge, Maj.D.Saster found himself at the outside end of the line. He paused for a moment before crossing a drainage ditch and looked around. To his left he could hear Predator, Pacman and Cmdr.McBragg crossing the ditch and advancing towards the embankment. He was about to move out when he heard a dull metallic click to his right! Maj.D Saster knew he was the end of the line, there should not be anyone to his right! Advancing with his gun up he spotted a man in the ditch just a few short yards away and opened fire! "OK, OK! I'm Out! My gun's down!" Was the prompt response from his opponent, who wanted to fix his malfunctioning hardware and continue the fight, but Maj.D.Saster said, "Nope! We engaged and you called yourself out! Sorry, but your dead!"

Because he had just eliminated Bob, he knew that Bob's son had to be somewhere nearby. Rather than search for him, D.Saster moved out to keep up with the advance.

As he moved from one position of concealment to the next, he would stop and watch to their rear for any pesky sniper types that might have some funny ideas about following along and trying to shoot them in the back.

Eventually he got up on the embankment and could hear Pacman and Predator and the others making their assault on the fortress. Taking advantage of the embankments higher elevation, Maj.D paused once more to check the field for snipers. Not seeing any immediate threats and at the same time hearing a sudden increase in the sounds of guns firing and guys yelling, he rolled over the top of the embankment and into an erosion ditch. From there he could see down the slope to the upper end of the main trench where there were at least two men with their backs to him. Thinking he had gotten himself into a position behind the opposition, he came up ready to fire at what he thought were Op-Force fighters around the trenches. Luckily, he recognized Pacman and realized he was about to shoot Cmdr.McBragg in the back!

Cmdr.McBragg was advancing along the right side of the trenchline. Pacman and Predator were across from him advancing down the left side between the main trench-line and the big ditch. Brutal Bob was the outside man of this skirmish-line. His patrol went down in the big ditch, which put him in a good position to cover the left flank of his own team from sniper-types that may be out in the field, or to attack into the right of the Op-Force team in the fort!

D.Saster ran down the hill and jumped into the large bunker-pit. He advanced down the main trench-line, passing between Cmdr McBragg and Pacman, in order to occupy the main bunker pits and connecting trench. As he moved forward, he could see the oppositions guns raise up above the dirt bastions of the fort to fire, only to be quickly smothered by volleys of paintballs coming in on them from several different angles.


As the Marauder's skirmish-line rolled up the defense, Opposition-Force units were calling themselves out and the final trench and bunker were being cleared.

Once they were in the main bunker, Cmdr McBragg and Maj.D.Saster could see Sandman across from them on the sniper-trail signaling that he was a Marauder and that there were possible Op-Force elements in the trees along the forward slope of the ridge above the fort. The entire line opened up with all guns on what looked like the ammo-hopper on a paintball gun, but it turned out to be an old coffee can.

After the short but decisive firefight, the potential threat of the hostile coffee can was neutralized! The Marauders immediately declared the fortress as occupied and blew the whistle to signal "game-over"!

Predator, Maj.D.Saster, Pacman, Cmdr.McBragg, Brutal-Bob and Sandman! This small force of six, (The Dirty Half-Dozen?) managed to take Fort San Miguel from an occupation force of more than twice their strength and did not loose a single man! What a team!

More Fort San Miguel

It was about 0730hrs on Sunday September 13, 1998
Maj.D.Saster had just arrived at the field. It was not his standard procedure to arrive at the field quite this early, but he knew there was a chance that Predator might not arrive until after noon and he wanted to get set up and have time to sit back and relax.

Renegade and Mrs. Renegade checked in, but they could not stay as they had other places to be that day. There would be no Mama'Sans Kitchen.

Brutal Bob drove in bringing the soon to be Mrs. Brutal and Steven. They were followed by Sandman, and then Brain and Brain's friend Joe.

We all sat around for awhile wondering what kind of turnout we were going to have for the day when Druid showed up. And then to everyone's surprise, Predator unexpectedly came rolling in somewhat earlier than anticipated! Eventually a total of ten players made it to the field over the course of the day. Sometime in the afternoon Landon, a local independent player, showed up to even out the player count at five against five

Predator, Maj.D.Saster, Druid and Joe made up one team while Brain, Brutal Bob, Sandman, Steven, and Skittles, who is an independent player and former SC Dogpound associate made up the other team.
In game one the 1
st squad with Joe walked up to Fort San Miguel, taking one of the field radios with them. This would be a familiar scenario. Four guys would hold the base and five guys would try to take it away from them.

Once on the hill, the defenders had to decide how they could best hold this ridgeline of trenches and pits with only four men. They decided to base their defense in the field area behind the main trench-line and to stay close together so that they could concentrate their gunfire.

As the assault team came in from the field under the high-tension lines and approached the fort, nothing happened!

The garrison was sitting behind the trench line in the shadows under bushes, waiting for the assault team to come up over the edge of the ridge from the big ditch and into the fortress area. After the battle Brain commented,

"It was kind of weird to come in that close and have no one shooting at you!"

The assault team spotted some of the garrison's positions and began lobbing in the long-ball shots from out in the field as they continued their advance towards the ridgeline. One player fired off several rounds at Maj.D.Saster, who could see the balls as they came in towards him on their long arching trajectories. At this range, most of the incoming rounds just landed harmlessly around him. A few rounds came in so close that he could hear the zip of the balls as they passed by, barely missing him. After the game, Maj.D.Saster said,

"I just tried to remain still, thinking that if he didn't see any reaction, then maybe he might think he was just shooting at shadows".

Sandman had gotten up onto the ridge and had worked his way into the fortress area, actually crossing over the main trench-line towards the garrison team's main line of defense.

To counter Sandman's move, Predator advanced into the main trench-line and was soon engaged in a shoot-out with Sandman. Somehow, both players managed to eliminate each other.

Joe took a hit and was eliminated at about the same time and it is a possible that Sandman had something to do with eliminating Joe. But that is just speculation around headquarters, based on the near geographic proximity as well as the timing of these events.

The threat of Sandman in the fort had been eliminated but the garrison had lost two men. Maj.D.Saster got up and moved into some better cover and eventually got into the main bunker pit where Druid soon joined him. Druid stayed to hold the main bunker area while Maj.D.Saster ran up the main trench to the upper pit. As he climbed up out of the large pit and down into one of the smaller pits that overlook the edge of the ridge, he came under fire from elements of the assault team who were out in the field. As he stood up and fired back at them, he saw his antagonists duck for cover among the bushes, so he rolled out of the small pit and slid down into the ditch that runs along the front of the Fort San Miguel ridgeline. Without stopping, he crawled along the ditch until he was behind a thick clump of brush and directly under the gun-ports of the Bravo bunker.



Druid was now occupying "Boxcar's Bunker" and could see Maj.D in the ditch below him. There was a lot of incoming rounds from at least two assault force guys out in the field but his defensive fire was forcing them to keep their distance.

Maj.D.Saster looked up over his shoulder and could see the co2 muzzle-flash of Druid's gun from within the small fort. From what seemed like just a few feet in front of him, he could hear the attacker's voices as well as their gunfire. Sitting in the bottom of the ditch and watching to make sure he was not followed, he listened to gunshots from in front of him and from behind. The paintballs hissed back and forth as they cut through the air just above him, so close that he had to remind himself that those guys did not know he was there, just a few feet in front of them. They were too busy shooting at Druid in the bunker.

"I'm out of ammo!" he heard one of the attackers say, and soon caught sight of one of the assault team guys leaving the field, then figured this was probably good of a time as any to do something. Creeping further out along the ditch, Maj.D.Saster was attempting to get around the flank of the assault team while they were focused on shooting it out with Druid.

Meanwhile, coming up the road from the bivouac area was Brain. He was on his way back to the game after gun trouble had forced him to disengage from the battle, when he encountered the assault team player that had run out of ammo. Knowing that you need every gun on your team for an assault to be successful Brain did what any good Sarge would do, he gave the guy some ammo!

Now they would come in as a two-man squad, which from a tactical point of view was much better than coming in as an individual sniper! As the two-man assault team advanced towards the battle-zone they spotted a figure at the end of ditch. Brain halted and cried out;

"Hey! That's Maj.D.Saster!"

As Maj.D.Saster brought his gun around to shoot, Brain and his wingman opened fire at the same time. They had caught D.Saster out in open at the end of the ditch and there was not much in the way of defendable cover he could reach in a hurry. The whole action lasted only a few seconds and feeling several sharp impacts, Maj.D called himself out.

From his vantage point in the bunker, Druid had observed the entire action as Brain's adhoc rifle squad eliminated Maj.D.Saster and knew he was now holding the fort on his own. But there was only one of him and at least four of them, so it was just a matter of time for the assault team to finish him off and end the game