On Freedom Blvd. outside of Watsonville Ca.

Freedom Ca. In the hills above the Pacific Coast,

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The early Command Bunker before it was washed away in the winter rains of 1995.  see The Marauder Corps of Engineers for the photo

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In the final days, after it was rebuilt, the Command Bunker was much larger. Seen here from the 5 o'clock. See the diagram below.


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This is the inside. 6/29/97

Bravo bunker
Bravo with a light mortar prop on the roof. This was a key position for the success of both taking the base and holding it.

The rear of Bravo

This is the other side of Bravo.

On the other side of the Base is Alpha. Taking Alpha gave you control of the right flank and was the key to defeating the Firebase.

Command and Bravo

Looking at Bravo from Alpha shows how the positions were set up for mutual support.


the last Command Bunker

This is what Command looked like approaching from the 10 o'clock.

Ranger runs into Marauder history.
Ranger on the double time as he eliminated eleven players with four shots and earned the Silver Ball.

The Bivouac

Here is Wizard and Predator in the First Squad bivouac with a couple of Wild Geese between games.

All packed up.
When the people who rented us the land moved, the Firebase was packed up and we spent the summer and part of the winter on the Road. As always, we left without a trace. This picture is of the entire Firebase, materials packed and holes filled. The disturbed ground is where Bravo sat. The last game was Sunday July 6,1997.

Marauder Air Corps.

This is a recon photo of the Firebase.It was taken by Maj. D. Saster in a plane flown by MAC [Marauder Air Corps] pilot Ernie Buck. This air mission gave Maj. D. Saster the only Marauder Wings worn by any of the players. In the photo you can see Bravo on the left and the larger Command bunker next to it. Alpha is in the first clump of trees to the right. The distance from the Command Bunker to Bravo is 15 Ft. The view is from the uphill [6 o'clock] looking down from the back side. The below map is from the opposite view.



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This is a copy of the field map that was used by Firebase Freedom players to plan the games.

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