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The Island is outside of Watsonville on Highway 129 east of the trestle near Chittenden Road ,  just past the tiny town of River Oaks . (if you are coming from Highway 1)   We sign a waiver and donate  just $10 per player to the land owner for up-keep.  Walk-ons are welcome. 
Must be 18 yrs unless Parent plays too.
You can call Predator at  831- 685-8764 to get directions;  or get a map  at
J&S Surplus & Outdoor Store in Moss Landing;  or 
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Fort Rio

SSMapRio.jpg (119127 bytes)
Early Map of the Fort Rio Area

This is the new main bunker
 that Fox designed and
built with the help of Beast.

The view of the lower deck from the rear.

You can see the top deck from this angle.

These are our new  tree positions that will dot the whole field soon.

Click Here for Flash Movie of Fort Rio  winter

River Point- Adrian's Wall

isl-RivPoint3.jpg (238976 bytes)
This is the new fort at River Point. 
 It is just across the slot from The Black Forest. You can see
 the tower in the background.

isl-RivPoint5.jpg (205139 bytes)
The view from the bridge side.  This fort is near the bridges where the creek meets the Pajaro River.

isl-RivPoint6.jpg (209028 bytes)
Here is Sandman in the tower behind the wall.  The fort is large enough to hold an entire team.

isl-RivPoint8.jpg (207479 bytes)
The wall from the inside.  It is over six feet tall and can provide cover even from the ridge on the other side of the "slot"

Fort Charlie

ftcharlie-longshot-w.jpg (25943 bytes)
This is Fort Charlie in the Black Forest.  Named after Founding Member PacMan after he moved to New Hampshire -winter 

ftcharlie-tank-w.jpg (29724 bytes)
This is view from the 2 o'clock of Ft Charlie.  It can easily hold 20 players. winter

chuytank.jpg (38134 bytes)
Reaper built this 1/3 scale replica tank for the Black Forest.  A favorite area of the Island to play.

Charlie-color-2clock.jpg (21892 bytes)
Fort Charlie after Cmd. PaPa and Metal Dragon painted it. This is from  the 2 O'clock. Summer

Charlie-painted10o.jpg (28616 bytes)
Fort Charlie 10 O'clock summer

Charlie-painted2o.jpg (25502 bytes)
Fort Charlie 11 O'clock summer

Charlie-sandman1.jpg (54162 bytes)
Sandman on the attack at the 9 O'clock- spring
blckforest-main1.jpg (137096 bytes)
This is the flank side of the 3 O'clock (Alpha)  bunker on the edge of  the Black Forest.

Charlie-Maverick.jpg (34765 bytes)
Fort Charlie - Maverick ambushes attackers at the 7 O'clock- spring.  
The small plant behind him is the same as the Deadly Nightshade shown in the photo from Apache below

Fort Apache
Apache-FrontTrench.jpg (31268 bytes)
Maj D. Saster working on the bunker trench at the 2 O'clock.  This is the front earthworks. Summer

Apache-6oclock.jpg (72234 bytes)
Fort Apache's new bunker from the 6 O'clock- Summer
Apache-tall weeds.jpg (33651 bytes)
The 6 O'clock of Fort Apache showing how tall the Deadly Nightshade  can  grow. The hedge on right was trimmed to eye level. Look close for the Maj.  - summer
apacheb4.JPG (95308 bytes)
This is the earthworks at the 6 O'clock - winter
Click Here for Flash Movie of Fort Apache



IslandtacticalMap.jpg (345528 bytes)


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Photos on this page by Maj. D. Saster & Predator.


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