These are some of the old pictures from the Island's history



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left: This stream is one of the boundaries on the Island.:................  right:  The trails take you through bright open spaces and dark canopies

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left:  Mrs.D.Saster puts this log jam into perspective
right : One of the many open areas through out.

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left:    Several Marauder Engineers showed up to hack the trails and prepare for the first game.

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Chuy (on the right)  is one of the Marauders who set up the deal with the land owner. 
right: First Squad from left rear,  Cisco, Maj. D. Saster,    In the front from the left is Sgt.Maj. Predator,  Druid, and PacMan.

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left:  Tanker is one of our best  associate players

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center:    Reaper taking on some H20 after digging a few new bunkers and gun positions.   
right: This is a new bunker dug recently on the new outpost -Fort Apache. note the trench in front of the sandbags.

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left: Hugo of Fourth Squad in front of the main bunker in the Main base.
right:This is one of the trenches that are easily cut in the sand. All in all there are over a half dozen new bunkers and trenches.

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left: One of the new gun positions in Fort Apache. right:   Two more of the many bunkers in the area.  The second one is in the background barely visible.

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left:  There is plenty of parking at The Island.
  right: A log gun position at Fort Apache.  The white flag in the background is the location for one of the hill-top bunkers.

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above:  In a matter of weeks the Jungle is back to reclaim all the trails.  This is the Log bunker at the River Outpost.  Fifty yards away is Fort Apache - the second fortified postiton.   

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above: One of the many trenches on the Island.  This one is at the River Outpost

Photos on this page by Maj. D. Saster & Predator.


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