The San Joaquin River

Marauders got their start as a five man team back in 1991. This site was in Fresno County just below Friant Dam. We played the first games there and the tradition of great paintball is carried out to this very day.

The blown out bridge








In 1969 a large storm caused a flood that knocked out this old bridge. Twenty-two years later the Marauders converted the area into a super paintball training ground.

The Original Marauders
The Original Marauder team [plus one] in 1992. From left to right along the top is Snake, Gunner, Stealth, Swampthing and founding member Predator in the front. The ever-present "kid" was along for the ride.

the Jungle

Sometimes we startled hikers when they came by, but not that many even saw us. The temp. was 107 degrees when this photo was taken.

Swampthing and Predator.

In the spring of 1993 Predator and Swampthing were traning Pat and Brian; two young members of the O'Neill clan of the Great Central Valley.

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