On the western edge of Hollister California.

 In the Summer of 1997 we were looking for a new field after our friends moved away from  Firebase Freedom.  In order to stay active,  DevilMan arranged a series of games at a couple of Junkyards in Hollister.  These were some of the best games ever played by Marauders.   Below are some of the shots that appeared in our Team Magazine CONFIDENTIAL . Sharp glass and steel were just some of the dangers faced by the all; But after hours of play, there was not one broken bone. There were no cuts; not even a torn shirt. One guy did loose his wallet however.

The right view of the yard
Taking a picture of a junkyard is not easy. With the above and below photos you can get an idea of the layout.

the left view of the yard


Predator under fire

Sergeant Major Predator was scouting an approach when he came under fire from Opposition Forces.

Marauders storm hostile positions
Sandman and Cisco rush the gun position on a flanking maneuver.

Marauders control the west side.

These Marauders have taken control of the left flank and are ready to finish the attack.

Where are they?

Target are difficult to find when the wrecks just swallow up whole patrols.

The Bivouac
Left to Right. Slingshot, Maj D. Saster, and Tanker are in the bivouac between games.

DevilMan DevilMan set the games up.

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