These guns represent an anthology of my 17 years of playing this great game

 PMI-1 - I gave it a  Constant Air conversion from co2 cartridges and 40 rd loader.  This was the cutting edge in 1989.

Tippmann Pro Am- The 3608th one made.  This gun dominated the scene when it first appeared.  I paid $345.00 when it was new. This one has a metal fore-grip (I got from the factory) and the first externally riffled barrel that was introduced by Smart Parts. It had a mechanical clang sound that nobody on the other side liked. I used it from 1991 to 1998!

Tippmann 98 Custom-This is actually my second Model 98. My first one wore out and I used it for parts when other players needed them. It has a Tippmann Flatline
barrel and is sporting a Maj. D. Saster hopper cover.  Note the small bungie cords on the loader.  I recommend  anyone fighting in thick brush to try this method of keeping you loader on. This is my sniper gun.

Tippmann 98 Custom-  This is my main gun.  It has a Cyclone Loader and a Response Trigger for automatic bursts.  The barrel is an externally rifled Armson.  It has a Tippmann Graphics Kit. I added a expansion chamber and put on Maj D. Saster custom wooden grips.

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