Arm and leg hits are wounds and give the player another chance. From the shoulder seam down to the cuff, and below the waist count as a half hit and require two to eliminate.More players are on the field for a longer time = more targets and more targets = more fun!

        Friendly fire incidents only count as a wound.
Nobody likes to be eliminated by their own player but it happens.  This gives you the chance to stay in the game and at least get eliminated by the opposition.

      Gun hits don't count.
That means you can go toe to toe '''til you get the guy not his gun;  this really gives us all a great paintball gunfight, Oh yea!

Although seldom used,  on some games if you agree with the opposition to have a designated place for ComeAlives;  you can make up for other factors like the other guys being too weak to otherwise have a good game.  Or if you are really outnumbered each guy having One ComeAlive will keep the game going.  "Medics" is a variation of the ComeAlive scenario.  They can fight but have the power to make ComeAlives happen.    Eliminating the medic can change the tide.


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