Random Shots

A collection of some of our favorite  photos

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This series of Action Photos by Veteran Opposition Player Dustin Cash

Inside the Main bunker at Apache are Sandman, Mongoose, and  Instigator

Predator at the 9'oclock blister during a paint check. Note the pink paint cluster around his head.

Sgt Tanker in action at the Apache 6'Oclock

This is 2nd Squad's Popeye defending Apache's 11'Oclock.  

Predator holding the 6'Oclock earthworks

Punisher working out with the Reaper's LAW

Predator takes a LAW shot as Reaper looks on.

Apache- Game Off

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Maj D. Saster shot this next serries.

Original Fifth Squad of the Second Division (Devil's Squad) One of our best Attack Teams.

The First Division at Cow Skull Castle in the Sierra Nevada  10/94


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This is Strawberry Fields. Home of the Assassins.  Just a few miles downstream from the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  We had some great games here,

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The Boonie Hat
Watch for more new photos soon


Marauders present on 8-20-06 represent members of all 4 Squads
1-Swampthing. 2-Punisher, 3-Reaper, 4-Lucky, 5-Instigator, 6-Mongoose, 7-Sandman, 8-Wildman, 9-Striker, 10-Metal Dragon, 11-Havok, 12-Redball, 13-Predator, 14-Maverick, 15-Shadow Hawk, 16-Big Dog, 17-PaPa, 18-Virus
Photo by Havok

Marauders present on 6-10-07. 4th squad's Suicide (center back row) Is now a US Marine.