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The Marauder's 2nd Division roster is presently full. Headquarters is proud to say the new twenty-two man team is one of the finest ever fielded by the Marauders Organization. 

All Associate players and Alumni Marauders are always welcome.   Walk on players allowed.

If you live in another area you can set up your own Marauder Team.

      Start your own two, three, or five man  fire team.  Have a private field of your own, we'll show you how.  

   We will furnish Arm patches,  Award Program, that will all be paid for by a Marauders fund that your team contributes to at $10 per mo;   or whatever it takes to find a field and rent it. You will handle all your Division's funds and schedules.  You can play with  come-alives,  Ammo Limits and use the Honor System,  You'll have tons of players who will want to play on your team.  Recruit another team or two until you have a paintball platoon. 

To sign up click for info

We are a confederation of many teams all wearing the same shoulder Patch of Merrill's Marauders from W.W.II;  and playing by the same "more fun" rules. 

Team Magazine issued regularly.

Second Division is Located on the
Central Coast of California.