THE WINERY    Sometimes called Stalingrad

A really great field in Selma Ca.

The Alley
The Main Entrance.

The tanks of Stalingrad.

The Tanks


The Tower  seen from start point A.

The Tower from start point B


Looking down the Hall In the southern vat building

The Vat Building from start point A on the left and halfway down the hall on the right

The Catwalk of the Vat Building.
The Catwalk is where you go on the second level.

The far side of the field looking down the alley

The middle office building can be seen from the corner by the tanks.


Marauders sweep the Vat Building

Three Marauders from both First and Second Divisions sweep start point A.


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Winery in Selma CA.

Diagram of The Old Winery in Selma CA on one of the Road trips.


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