Marauders are secure in the knowledge that although they can't always see where their teammates are, they know where they should be. So if you find yourself pinned down with not a lot of hope of making it out, sometimes a shot will come from an unknown position and relieve the pressure by taking out the source of your trouble. You don't always know who made the shot or where it came from. It doesn't matter. You are now saved and still in the game.
But who was that Marauder anyway. I think he is the veteran player that goes about the game in a quiet determined way. He didn't brag about how he saved your a_ _ around the bivouac after the game. To him, what he did is just another day on the line, he does it all the time. You never saw him because he is skilled in not being seen. You did not hear him for he is quiet in his movements. You could not locate him by his gunfire for he is a marksman and his burst was short and to the point. He remains unknown. But we all can be glad he is there when we need him.
Semper Paratus

The original sketch of the character from the newsletter CONFIDENTIAL circa 1993. It kept the team in touch before the Internet

The color version that eventually showed up on the website. It was there for tradition and as a reminder of the old newsletter but had no other function. Analysis of the traffic on this site had the Unknown Marauder as one of the most clicked graphics on the entire site of over 600 pictures and graphics. It was decided to update his look and give the searchers of information more than an unrewarded click.

Although there are high resolution satellite photos showing the possible source for the "Unknown Marauder" incidents, they were considered absurd and could not be independently confirmed.