Parked along US 101 outside of Gilroy, CA.

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All photos in this series were taken by Maj D. Saster.

The Blockhouse.
This is the view of the Blockhouse as you walked to the hilltop from the bivouac.

From the rocks.
From the crest of the hill you could long ball the house.

From the rocks
This is from the rock outcropping, you can see a player between the rocks if you have "the eye."

The blockhouse close up
The old blockhouse wasn't good for anything but paintball.

The wall
Here are some defenders in the only dry place on the field. This was a real "Alamo" type game with the defenders always under fire.

Predator and an Associate player wait for the attack. Shooting out from the house was not easy when the opposition put a lot of area fire on it.

The ditch.
This ditch was used to get close enough to put in some support fire or launch an attack. But only when there was no water in it.

The back side.
From the far side of the field, you can see the backside of the blockhouse and the rock outcroppings in the background.

the trees.
There was some cover in the trees but not much. Here Sandman makes his move.

the Bivouac.
The rain was bad, but the games were good. Read the stoty. 

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This is a field diagram of the area.

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