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I was getting ready to go on foot when I asked Havok for a ride in the new Marauders APC, I took the turret as this was my favorite spot. We took off and tagged in picking, up Big Dog in center gunner position. Webber, joined in as shotgun for co axle gunner position. This high bread machine makes no noise, so stealthy in fact at one point we snuck up while driving while we were all talking about who and where to shoot a poor fellow. Lets say if he was a jackass, the back part would be the area in which he was violated. It was Webber's shot. We all chuckled because the guy's emotions must have been ruined; or he was still simply in pain and utter shock. Ouch! We all laughed uncontrollably. This just may have been too funny to watch. We moved on and took out Ops Force players like scrambling flys. Then we were finally taken out. We went back to the Marauders camp, to reload, and refresh.

While checking in on our safety meeting, we geared up to insure all was well with everyone, and everyone was having a good time. All was going pretty well as you could hear the ruffled feathers of the Mad Hatters "hating" on the tanks. The complaints flew in, so we went afoot. Loading all four of my pods, I headed out. Pindar at full left rear flank and none other then Ajnin from Fatal Paint as a medic. We pressed the far northern west, flank denying them any forward advancement, we pressed moving low and through the water mud bog trench. I engaged with a member from Jolt, I used my best cover tactics to get and move after every shot he fired. Since he was shooting a pump at me, the balls were zing by each time closer and closer as I was getter closer and closer. This went on for about 5 minutes. I reloaded pods laying straight forward. I had to dive to the ground with out any real cover. I figured I would probably get shot in the mask. Just then, I jumped up and moved over to my right, with my marker drawn left for the bunkering. This is it.

I press forward super fast, and boom, took him, out, I realize I'm further along and still alive. Then I planned a small scheme. I spun around hard right, to the old duce army truck. I saw three players on the other side. I started taking them out and making them scramble to expose themselves. I as going to take them out with no doubt. Pressing forward, I remove one more player at the edge of the woods. Shaking my hopper I realize it's that time. I'm at 40 to 50 shots, I pressed toward my west flank to draw paint from the enemy opposition, the Mad Hatters. Whom attention was taken away for a moment with some long balls. Just then I got shot in the foot by Joey (Team Jolt) from across the field. Time to head back to Marauders camp and reload and get air from Airwolf. Night game approaches.