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I switch my lens out, and get ready to head for the night game. I chrono at 250. Can we say what a high arch rainbow. Take time to check your shot when shooting this low. You don't want to be caught at night not being able to see your shot trajectory. So you need to retrain quickly where you can see and make note of the gun angle for muscle memory, this works great, for me, I moved out with this in mind. I knew I would run into others shooting above this speed, so I went old school on 'em, and made sure to move with extreme caution. I also set my taps wisely. At night every player seems to be at a bunker. We were pressed in when spotlights come across the hill down on our position.

I stood in full view as they lit me up for a bit. But no shots rang out. I moved closer to the next bunker being followed by Bigdog. I suddenly decided to back off from the light and move to the tape line's shadow, then I pressed forward to the left of them. I moved in straight from their immediate right, pressing past the helicopter. I was then spooked by Bigdog's flashing lights but moved with caution toward the spotlights near the last position.
Nothing. No engagement. They're not there on our outer perimeter, I noticed the cement tunnel running down and checked it carefully in case, you know someone sneaky is there. There were berry bush thorns, nice. I laughed. Most players won't be in there, I moved atop of the cement tunnel giving me an over-view of the clear areas and the three other intersecting paths from the Mad Hatters' CP. I tell myself "I bet, they went back to tell them". Sure thing, just a few moments later I notice movement on center path. Two players moving shoulder to shoulder, I waited until they crossed to the open. Since they were shoulder to shoulder to each other, they were then were shot ad I yell out "your out". They went for a tag in. I was then sure they would be back. I told Bigdog (he had shot one of the players at the same time) "They're going to come back. I'll move down and choke em off from there. Stay up here and draw 'em in. Sure thing like clock work. Those two were shot out again. At this point in time I scrambled back up to Bigdog. I moved up and a fight ensued, Bigdog was shot out some how, but I shot that player. I moved to the far right on the dirt hill watching all previous kill positions for their anticipated return. Here they come. I laid down watching them and waiting for them to take position. Just as they kneeled down I blasted 'em both out again. Pindar walked up just as it happened. I head a branch crack behind me and spun around looking down the dark path. Only one little green LED light but I'm not chancing it.

Bam bam bam bam; I separate my shots as the LED flash, "I'm out the players yells" and sure thing, he was not on my team! Time to move, I pressed back now separated, and by myself. I moved through the very thick woods. That night I was having some minor fog problems. Heading back to the CP, I jumped up and started to walk in. As I do, I heard this interview going on and they ask "Is that one of yours," "yeah" they say, "No" I'm thinking. I get lit up with a light and quickly say turn it off. Did you see anyone? The light goes off, and the guy approaches me and is within a few feet, I barrel tag him in the near same instance as my arm moves he figures it out. He's getting barrel tagged. I quickly say "Don't say anything you're a dead",. The player walked toward the CP as he argues. Boom CP taken, I quickly take their green cool florescent glow stick. No CP Light for you………..they argue with me about the fact of the take saying he could have shot me. "Well", I said, "I could have shot you, but you got barrel, tagged". He said "I put the light on you", I said "This isn't laser tag!" But, "it's all good". I said "Have respect, you know what happened". The three said we'll then go out and come back. "OK", I said. I headed, out and noticed, who else, but a 6 pack or so of the Marauders. Nice. "I'll be back, I have to reload, and get a different gun". I said. I quickly changed out for my Quest and grab my pre-filled pods, and fill the gun, run back out and yell MARAUDERS. Quickly a response from Shadowhawk.

I noticed he was hidden so well. Collatarol was doing major damage from his position, Minishadow, Redball, Bigdog, Littledog, and I'm not sure who else. Were headed toward their CP no engagement what so ever, then we almost blast Redball who led a real fast flank scouting move and popped up in front of us all. We then headed toward the CP with only two in resistance. We quicly made them squelch to a non merciful ending. His lesson for not wearing your pants on the field. So he was blasted! I Noticed no other resistance So we swept the field all the way back to our CP. We were yelling "MARAUDERS!!", We had Shadowhawk, chanting something to the effect of Stoncutterz come out and play. Like a scene from Warriors. We checked in with the General and let him know no one else was on the field other than the three at the other CP. Who don't want none; and couldn't handle the Marauders mighty night jungle fighters. WE won the Game.

No awards for the Marauders, but we won prizes. I won carnage gloves and some pants. I them gave to Bigdog. Littledog won a box full of paint grenades, Rasputin won a nice gun bag. Ranza won a 3 pod pack and pods and gave it to a small kid that won a gun and some other items. Shadowhawk, won a Ricochet Hopper. It was funny, we were cleaning up. Long pack a long drive, were back and see you on Sunday. All Marauders were out at different times, and at the same time,
Recon Battalion present were

  • Havok,
  • Redball
  • Pindar Thermos
  • Shadowhawk
  • Virus, Big Dog, Little Dog
  • Sir Killalot
  • Killa Ranza
  • Collatarol
  • MiniShadow
  • Rasputin
  • Source: Wikipedia.