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Game Two
Sunday October 16th, 2005
AAR: Ops Force Holds Fort Charlie and Holds off Marauders attack.

Prior to the game I went over map positions and added extra forces to the tower, I explained each field of fire and told the team not to be so distracted by other fire fights.  We placed a surrounding defense ring on the inner perimeter to hold all positions adding extra coverage to the 5,6,7 O’clock ,with a sweeping crew on stand-by for the 12 and 9 positions, Shadow Hawk and Germ would cover the 1 and 2 O’clock with a line of sight on 3 O' clock.  we placed our Sniper Swampthing at  the 1 O' O Clock for cross fire coverage on the front of the bunkers facing the 3,4,5 O’clock. I took the center bunker with Red Halo.  We saw Predator on the move, Predator and Virus started to fire against each other.  After a few minutes of battling I was able to get eliminate Predator taking one of his two lives.  Just then Red Halo alerted me that there are two Marauders attacking from the creek side and three moving toward the 12 O’clock.  I  shot toward t two attacking Marauders. at the 6 and 7 O’clock. Then I redirected my fire pressing back an attack at the 12 covering Germ and Shadow Hawk. I looked over to check the tower.  I heard this crazy sound of the an Ion belonging to Red Halo going off and removing a Marauder, I then asked for movement and position to be called out from the ops force.  They sounded off some positions and we adjusted accordingly.  The sweeping crew and I gave area fire to the attack positions around the Fort. We then ran into the bunker to check how we were doing. We are fully covered, I check the 9 O clock to see Sandman in the distance.  I am now low on air and unable to shoot that far, Sandman shoots and hits the bunker with great accuracy.  I moved back out to cover the 3,4, and 5 O’clock position and cover Red Halo,  Then the Whistle blew and the time was up!  Ops Force Holds Fort Charlie!  Game Two won by the Op Force.  After the Game I thanked all the players.  I was truly amazed at their skill and ability to concentrate on their objectives.  It was a true team effort and the Ops Force finally showed signs of some amazing playing,  They all had smiles of excitement to have won the second game in a row.  I thought my leadership was pretty good.  I asked them how some of the suggested strategies worked and they report they worked flawless.  Great Job Guys! .