Game Two
In Game Two, the Marauders took the walk to occupy the house. Most of us defended from within the house with Wizard and another sniper posted in ambush positions outside. Wizard eliminated the first unsuspecting attacker which turned back the first attack. The rest of attack never appeared to be very well coordinated, and came in as a series of individual sniper actions. At one point, a push on the right flank of the house saw two opposition attackers work their way towards us using the trees to advance. There was a third attacker in the rocks on top of the knoll who was probably trying to provide some support fire for his associates. But the range was so far as to render him ineffective. We kept an eye on him; but where he was, he was not a threat.

A sudden volley of fire from four Marauder defenders eliminated the nearest attacker on the right and persuaded his partner to pull back. Predator was itching for a counter attack but was kept in check by the other team members. Wizard and his wingman saw an opportunity and ran around the side of the hill. Tony Tiger was on the corner of the building and asked Predator if he wanted to go too. With only minutes left in the game, the Marauders swarmed out of the house and counter-attacked up the hill to clear the last of the opposition and win the second game!

Game Three
Game Three was an elimination game. We employed a coin-toss to split everyone into two teams. After game three, several players packed it up and left. It was about twelve-thirty in the afternoon and the weather was showing no signs of improvement. A small handful of players stayed to get in another game.

As I said before, this is a great little field. Any Marauders who were not here should look forward to playing on Christmas Hill in the near future. Preferably when it is a bit warmer and not so wet.

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