Filed by Charles Evans
The Island October 16th, 2005
AAR: Virus Volunteers for Command of Ops Force

Marauders were playing their favorite game. Outnumbered by as much as a
third and surrounded. Sunday October 16th, 2005.

Game 1
Sergeant Virus of the Marauders’ 3rd Squad Reporting.
Sunday October 16th, 2005 09:10 am I arrived at the Island.    I talked to Predator he said we needed a volunteer to take command of the Opposition Force.  All patch wearing Marauders were to hold Fort Charlie, I would have to shoot against my son  ( Germ War Fair ) and new right hand ( Shadow Hawk ) because they are not team members.  My number one rule, was not to break our crew  up and/or shoot against each other, (This is limited to your small pals or family, not a whole team) so with this the case, it was no problem for me to take control of the Ops Force. It was confirmed that I would assume command and Predator made the announcement that Sergeant Virus of the Marauders would take command.  He then offered me a battle map of the field.  Prior to game one (attack Fort Charlie)  I gathered the Ops Forces for a briefing.  I knew as a Marauder this was not going to be easy at all; many have tried and failed time and time again, I first needed  to make sure that I truly took command and to collect them into a group and see which players have played the field previously. 

Battle Report

Filed by Charles Evans,
Oroville Feb 6,7,8, 2009
AAR: Malice in Bunker Land

It's Thursday morning, and Shadowhawk is fully prepared to make the long drive to Oroville, CA and the Combat Zone, for the TAW scenario event. Trailer in tow with the Guilty Pleasure Marauder tank. Following would be myself bringing Rasputin, an Ops force player for his first scenario event. Joining us would also be a Marauder recruit, Collateral
I showed up with high anticipation of being able to play with Team Jolt, who were 11 strong at my count. Then we Marauders had the following player attendance list of thirteen. One of which is an Ops force player, and one guest. MiniShadow. Havok, Redball, Pindar, Thermos, Shadowhawk, Virus, Big Dog, Little Dog, Sir Killalot, Rasputin, Killa Ranza, Collateral, and MiniShadow. Friday, I moved to make sure all my gear was staged and ready to go, new lens installed, that night, and made sure my gun, barrel plug, hopper, and gloves were ready to go in a second's notice. I just needed to get my paint and ID badge and to chrono at 285 fps. My gun was shooting just at 284 at the top side. I was good to go.

Filed by: Samuel Zentner
The Island  June 12, 2005
AAR: Marauders Largest Battle

   It was the largest game in Marauder History!  A total of 66 players. (some estimated 80) TEAM LOCKDOWN came in from the Sacramento Area with 25 players.  Only five Team Lockdown had been to the Island before, of these only one was present.  The rest  would have to learn this very complex playing field as they went along.  After attacking in the first game against the largest MARAUDER FORCE ever assembled (27 patch-wearing Marauders showed up for the shootout), it was Team Lockdown's  turn to defend Fort Charlie.  Marauders started at Fort Apache.  They formed three strike teams. First and Fourth Squads would cross the Slot and proceed to the 10 and 11 O'clock positions of the Sand Berm cross the slot again and hit at the ridge of Fort Charlie's 9'Oclock. (shown as red arrows)  Second Squad would make the run from the 3 O'clock to split Lockdown's guns between two directions and take the Alpha Bunker.  (shown in yellow arrows) Third Squad would divert more fire from the 6 O'clock. (Shown in blue arrows) Third Squad was led by Camoman and took the majority of the walk-on associate players  (non-marauders).