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Thin Green Line – Cisco receives the Marauders first Brass Ball

Cisco receives the Marauders first Brass Ball
Story Filed by: Michael G Shanks.
Dateline-Fort San Miguel
Sunday, December 20, 1998

Cisco carries the day and receives the Marauders first Brass Ball.
A rather sizable group of players stood at the fork in the trails, which often serves as a sort of dead-zone for those who have been eliminated but wish to observe the rest of the battle.

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Thin Green Line – Unarmed Samurai Earns 2nd Silver

Unarmed Samurai receives the second Silver Ball in Marauder History
Filed by: Benjamin Tapia
June 10, 2005
Unarmed Samurai Takes Ft. Charlie – wins the second Silver Ball

It was the second battle of Ft. Charlie. 1st Squad was playing against the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (call-sign Marauders). Walk-ons were split between the forces. There were about 12 players per side. 1st squad would attack. Samurai received his orders to follow Predator, Sandman, Tanker, Metal Dragon, Punisher and Associate Player Scroggman on a long patrol over the berm and down river to the 11 O’clock jump-off point. The balance of the team would attack from the 3 O’clock. Samurai took the rear of the patrol hugging close to the river. When they reached the 11 O’clock position, Predator crept to the top of the Berm to check our position by peering over the top. The Marauders were waiting. A couple of shots rang out as Predator fell back. They continued down river until they could cross the slot undetected. As they had to over-shoot our 11 O’clock rendezvous point they continued to the 9 O’clock.

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Thin Green Line

The Silver Ball
The Silver Ball is almost impossible to earn under normal combat conditions and the Scarlet Purple-Nickel can be rather painful. But before you start asking if you’ve earned a Silver Ball, the first Marauder ever to be nominated for one eliminated eleven men out of a sixteen man attack force while firing only four shots, and he lived to tell about it! So when you can out-do that, let me know. And give me the names of your witness’s.

The Silver Ball was once thought of by headquarters to be a mythical award that could be considered to be paintballs equivalent to The Congressional Medal of Honor. It was widely believed that there would never actually be a need to fabricate even a prototype for the award because the terms and conditions necessary to earn one were so impossibly high. Well…On that point, we were wrong!

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