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We played the first games there and the tradition of great paintball is carried out to this very day.
In 1969 a large storm caused a flood that knocked out this old bridge. Twenty-two years later the Marauders converted the area into a super paintball training ground.

We decided we needed to take some ground and setup a HQ so we could build a team of “Woodsball” players. Firebase Freedom was the first field that we had permission to play on and the first earthworks the we created and maintained. When our lease was up and we had to leave we took every stitch of materials we had brought and removed it. We filled in every trench, saluted the command Bunker position and pulled out for parts unknown.

This field is probably not for just any player.  Some areas are fast paced and more like a speedball game; But most of it is traversed only by trails that must be used if you want to be quiet.

This field is the first time we brought in heavy equipment to dig some of the trench lines. Fort San Miguel offers woods, open fields, valley and much much more.