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The Pajaro River

On on Hi way 129, 8.64 miles east of Hiway 1 outside of Watsonville Ca

Secure the Pacific Coast Rail Line


This field is probably not for just any player.  Some areas are fast paced and more like a speedball game; But most of it is traversed only by trails that must be used if you want to be quiet. One attack trail is cut right through the really thick brush and runs along a ridge some 20 feet above the river on the north flank. All along this elevated trail are gun positions that fire down on to the main part of the game area  Part of this ridge trail has been cut through brush so thick that it looks like a cave going up and around the hill. The Pajaro River is easily forged and makes for some nice attacks from unexpected directions.It has a great bivouac area under the trestle and is less than a 2 min walk from the road. The nature of the combat in this area  is so intense that some players have never even shown up.

Veterans of these Games wear the Silver Lizard Citation.
The trestle is a dominate feature of the field. When the train comes by, the noise gives cover to rapid movement by a lot of players.
This shot of the concrete base of the trestle looks across the Pajaro River into Monterey County from San Benito County. It's about 1-2 ft. deep in most spots; Easy to cross.
Maj. D Saster

On one of the trails that had to be cut out of the heavy underbrush with machetes.  The main pass is the “Burma Trail” and runs from the bivouac to the outpost where the flag is hung.


At the end of the trail is the radio pack and the location of the flag.


Fallen logs are everywhere.Driftwood piles are scattered throughout and make natural gun positions.

Ambush Ready

Thick growth and clearings all through the field invites ambush from any quarter.

The Cliff
Looking down from the small cliff to the levels below. Right out of a movie set.

The Tippmann 98s of First Squad in the bivouac.   Note: The loaders are nearly invisible; but each gun has one.

Three Blind Mice

A sharpshooter created three blind mice. These three hits tell a story all their own. Keep those heads down 1st squad.

The Bivouac

Predator,  and  Pacman in the Bivouac.

This is a graphic of the top end of the field.

The last game was Sunday July 6,1997

Marauder Air Corps

This is the main part of the field.

This 3D map shows the Railroad and the Pajaro River. The Bivouac is where the two meet.

This map shows hiway 129 as a red line.  To the west is Hiway 1,   to the East is Hiway 101. The Parking is at the 8.64 mile marker.
All we asked was that you Stow your Paint Gun in a case or pack for the sake of the civilian population’s perception.

*The name of the Field was changed out of deference to the wishes of some of the players.