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Fort San Miguel

Between Santa Cruz and Monterey Ca. near US 101

In the hills above the Pacific Coast


Organization is hard to maintain in a fire fight. You have to have faith in members you can’t see, faith they’ll react in a certain way. MARAUDERS use Roving Command. Put simply, the player with the most information at any given time has command of the squad. It is the duty of the other players follow orders without question. Later in the same game, another player might have a better view of the situation and then he takes command of the movement.

Command Bunker

This is a shot of the Command Bunker right after completion. The view is from Oak Knob towards the Sniper Hill. See the map below.

Looking from the Trench Line into the Command Bunker.
The Trench

This view is from the Command Bunker along the Trench back towards Sniper Hill.

The Alpha position

Alpha is an important gun position at the base of Sniper Hill.


First Sergeant Wizard of Marauders Fourth Squad is on Garrison duty next to Bravo with The Oak Knob in the background. He is also the resident Airsmith.

Ambush Ready

Mc Bragg, TallMan, (unidentified), and Brain wait for the next game.

The Van

This is the speedball section of the field and shows Opposition Forces holding their ground.

Opposition under fire

These Opposition Forces are under fire in a flag game.

Plague Tower

Plague got a wild hair and built this 20 ft tower with some added help from the rest of Second squad. It’s new so the position has not been added to the Official Map. It is about 150 yards north by north east from the Fort. Games between the Tower and the Fort make possible a whole new range of scenarios. The above shot is before the paint job.

The Cammo Tower

Here it is with the cammo paint.  Too bad a lot of players never saw the finished product.  Some people were coming on the field when it was closed.   We had some vandalism,  then finally some real jerks shot up the PG&E trucks with paintballs when we weren’t there.  The owner cancelled the contract on the land; and the Marauders’ last game was played on June 6, 1999.

(It just so happens June 6 is the anniversity of the WWII invasion of Europe. D-Day)
This is a shot from the uphill side. note the skyline camo scheme

This is a graphic of the top end of the field.

The last game was Sunday July 6,1997


Plague (on the left)  built the tower, Boxcar, and BigDog of 2nd Squad lent a hand in the final phase.  Predator and PacMan of 1st Squad (not shown) gave it the paint job.