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Marauders Field Manual

  1. Gun hits don’t count.
  2. Every player is a medic and can bring life to players who have only lost one life.
  3. If shot in a forward contested position, the player must retire to the rear to find a medic.
  4. Arm and leg hits only count as a wound. It takes two wounds to be eliminated.
  5. Friendly fire incidents count only as a wound.
  6. Occupants of closed-top bunkers are eliminated by a gun barrel through any opening. (No need to shoot.)
  7. Ricochet or “spray” shots must leave a paint spot larger than a quarter that is solid. 300fps limit on all guns
  8. Goggles must be worn at all times on the field when the game is on.
  9. Use the Honor System and play clean.
  10. All other IPPA rules apply
If you bring it in….take it out!
Organization is hard to maintain in a fire fight. You have to have faith in members you can’t see, faith they’ll react in a certain way. MARAUDERS use Roving Command. Put simply, the player with the most information at any given time has command of the squad. It is the duty of the other players follow orders without question. Later in the same game, another player might have a better view of the situation and then he takes command of the movement.

A trained MARAUDER never gives an order unless it’s extremely necessary, and every MARAUDER has faith that armed with the number and direction of the enemy, his teammate will know exactly what to do.
Skirmish Lines are a blast from the past as far as modern tactical doctrine is concerned, but a good line comes into its own in paintball. By its nature, Paintball is a close assault game. A hundred feet is long range to a 68cal ball. So most of the eliminations occur in ranges closer to 50ft. (ouch!) One reason we keep combat intervals on patrol is to make it hard on the snipers and keep us less venerable to ambush. Your wing-men are always within support range if` you need them. (rule #1, the interval is never greater than the effective range of your gun. ) Sometimes to get a Jump-off` point a squad has to be in single file to move quickly. Combat intervals should be kept. Don’t bunch up. When ready to begin the attack or to conduct a sweep, the line has to form just like the scrimmage line in football. Everybody attacks in the same direction shoulder to shoulder like in the diagram. If you ever saw the effects of a good attack line has on the poor souls who were in the way you’d be convinced. Sure we might take some casualties, but the opposition soon crumbles under the weight of fire. I’ve even seen whole defense lines break and run when the speed and power of an attack team eats at their positions.
Whether on patrol to a jump off point or on station on a picket line make sure you are at combat intervals. This simple but overlooked aspect of the game is so essential it can make or break your mission. a combat interval is the distance you can get apart from one another. The distance is no greater than the distance you can bring your gun to bear for mutual fire support. It can change slightly to adjust to terrain. For a strike it should be short (15- 20 ft) to punch through a defense line. It can be longer if the terrain is open enough for long balls. Defense positions should he considered in the same manner; only you have the luxury to plan crossfire channels. Proper combat intervals will keep your patrol from falling easy prey to snipers and ambushes.
A body of troops stationed in a fort or fortified town; a fort, castle, or fortified town furnished with troops. In combat in and around the bunkers of Firebase Freedom, we had to learn a new way to hold it over long one hour games. This practice is called garrison duty. There are boundaries marked around all the forts at the Island. Defenders stay on the base during the game. During the last 5 minutes of each game, the boarders are no longer in effect. Defenders can patrol out and take revenge on the attackers. They should be careful not to leave the main bunker with too weak of a defense as they can still loose it in the last 5 min. One barrel through any opening will neutralize every player in a closed-top bunker (but not adjoining trenches. In this case, to triumph you must take the bunker as well as control the trenches. ) NO NEED TO SHOOT to eliminate the players in a closed top bunker. Fort Charlie is the only exception. Although it does not have a roof, it is neutralized the same as a closed top bunker.
The First squad of the Second Division was on a routine search and destroy mission at Firebase Freedom. We thought we came up with a good attack plan. We would strike the opposition along the road that crosses the trench line. We could go up the Jeep Trail then hook down hill towards the “bowl”. When we got to the top we began our hook with myself as the anchor and PacMan to my right. The other half of the patrol got a “better idea” and took off past the Fire Base. (unoccupied because we were playing the game to control the road.) PacMan came under fire directly as we formed a two man picket line. My first ball broke as PacMan was eliminated. As I watched spray exit my barrel I wondered what happened Maj. D.Saster and Tanker. The next thing I knew I was taking some nasty hits myself. When the “lost half of 2nd Squad” was finally eliminated, we knew we had lost focus of the MISSION. If we had the other two guys to hit on the flank as planned, we would be in perfect position to win the game . But instead we were cut to pieces by members of the 4th Squad. So remember, when you make a plan, stick to it.
It seems when someone first starts to play Paintball, they romanticize about the sniper role. It takes a while before they understand there is no permanent role of sniper in the MARAUDER team philosophy. All team members must be able to work as a squad first; as a lone sniper second. To be “effective”, The Sniper must KNOW three things. 1) The enemy’s position, including nearby features and landmarks. 2) The best possible area for his fire position, Where the fire channels are; and to wait for his target to enter one of them 3)His line of advance and withdrawal, taking into account the availability of cover; obstacles; observation points along the line of advance. Also, you must MASTER the three legs of the “Sniper Stool” 1)Tactics………How to play and defeat your opposition. 2)Field Craft…..How to dress your gear and use the terrain. 3)Marksmanship….Fire-channels. “one shot, one hit”
When “Volley Fire” is the order, all Marauders present fire on the same target. The burst you fire should be no longer than 5-10 rounds. This makes it hard for the opposition to react and score a hit on us while we usually score an elimination.
If you hope to bag a sniper, you have to employ the elementary concepts of light channels and use available fire channels. They go together . To find a sniper you have to use the available light source (the sun) to help you silhouette your target. This means you have to maneuver around your suspected hot zone until you put the sniper between you and the light source. Then take the time to relax and look into the patterns of light and dark that make up the thousands of light channels in the picture you see. You will never find anyone by looking into a shadow with the sun at your back as a matter of fact you’ll help the mission of the sniper by giving him a nice dark target with a background of bright light channels. But be careful, don’t put your target directly between you and the light source in the morning or late afternoon. You’ll be looking through the glare of your own goggles: Also the reflection of those same “gogs” will give you away. Stay a few degrees to one side or another. When you move into the suspected hot zone, never allow your silhouette to be higher than the terrain you’re passing through. You might start on your knees and progress until you’re hugging the ground on your stomach. A trained sniper will take only one shot at a time to make it hard for you to pick him out. Likewise, don’t tip your hand unless you have a good chance of success. If you survive the encounter, you should rejoin you squad as soon as possible. Sometimes your patrol can get around a sniper and make him tactically irrelevant. You’ll still have to keep a rear guard to keep that sniper from becoming relevant again How do you train for the sniper role? A three man squad is all you need. One man takes off for a short amount of time (a minute or so) ahead of the other two . The single man tries to take out the two man “Hunter Team.” When you get good enough to take them both out, then you’re ready for a sniper role. A dirty little secret is that a good Marauder squad means certain elimination for any snipers they encounter.

Battlefield Communications

Condition Delta = situation very dangerous. Gun down etc.
Alpha Romeo = Ammo Re-load.
Sierra = Sneak forward
Use CB Channel 34

If you’ve ever been in a prone position waiting for your opponents to come into your gun sights, maybe you’ve realized the fact that you can actually feel their footsteps coming closer. Especially if there is more than one and they’re moving quickly.
The way the American Indians overcame this problem when they were hunting some very clever animals (as well as some hapless Calvary) is a technique I call “the toe to heel method”. As you move into a dangerous area where you suspect an ambush, put your toes down first then your heels. With a little practice you will find that you can move very quickly and quietly.
Sometimes when you and your patrol are moving quietly through terrain someone might inadvertently make some noise by tripping or breaking branches, don’t worry. You can use that noise in your favor. If someone is there to hear, he may not really know what that noise means… It will not tell him how many Marauders are there; and that’s the rub. It could send the poor guy in the direction of the noise and right into the guns of other Marauders he was not aware of. At other times as a patrol moves through a difficult area, each guy might hit the same noisy area. It could be a patch of leaves or crunchy branches or any number of things in the way. If someone is out there listening, it will sound like the same guy making noise in the same spot. He will not really know that a whole group of Marauders has already moved through and are maneuvering against his position. If he acts on his this false information, he has little chance to survive the encounter.

The Hand signals we all use and take for granted are not known by all the guys we play with, but should be. In combat there is very little in the way of information that we need from each other; the number of” bogies” and their direction in relation to the patrol.
To get the attention of your wingman or the whole squad, slap your hip with your free hand. When they acknowledge, hold out the number of bogies on your fingers. Then with a salute type motion, point in the direction of the target(s). A well trained Marauder squad will move in the appropriate manner without a single word being spoken.
Put the gun over the head if you’ve been eliminated.
The pulling of the imaginary air horn in the big rig gives you the signal for “Hurry up,” or” double-time.”
To identify yourself as “Friendly troops,” hold your palm out and move It back and forth.
It you don’t get any of this, The signal for “I don’t understand,” is both hands together with palms out and thumbs down.

Patch Diagram
We wear our patches for a reason. It’s the best way to identify our guys in a fire fight. With different squads on different missions, you can come on a group of guys that are on your team and not realize you shouldn’t shoot. Sometimes when you’re in action and things are happening fast, friendly fire can take your squad down to nothing. Even with the Marauder’s “friendly fire is a wound” rule, it’s no fun to get hit by your own guys. Another good reason to wear your patches is the psychological effect it has on the opposition. We are the oldest, best organized, and largest recreational paintball team in the region. And that really shows when other players see so many of us with our “Colors on.
Patch Diagram


Team Patch
Team Patch
 – PM1298
Left shoulder
This is the patch of the group that came after the original Merrill’s Marauders The “mars task force” at the top is cut off by you. Use scissors and cut along the top of the red line at the top of the shield and below the text. The Team Shoulder Patch has Symbols and Colors. The colors; blue, white, red and green represent four of the original six combat teams of the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), which were identified by a color code word. The unit’s close cooperation with the Chinese forces in the China-Burma-India Theater is represented by the Sun symbol from the Chinese Nationalist Flag. The white star represents the Star of Burma. The lightning bolt is symbolic of the strike characteristics of the behind-the-line activities.

Squad Patches

1st Squad
1st Squad Patch – PM0330
Right Shoulder
The Original 2nd Division Team Founded as the core of the association, Predator, Maj. D Saster, and PacMan became HQ for the organization. The squad has existed for close to 15 years and is often charged with long range attack patrols, ambushing, and clearing snipers out of their gun positions.
2nd Squad
2nd Squad Patch 
– PM0331
Right Shoulder
3rd Squad
3rd Squad
 – PM0040
Right Shoulder
4th Squad
4th Squad
 – PM0332
Right Shoulder

Marauder’s Tab – #15670
black on olive
Over the left pocket
Make sure you spell it right!

Your Battle Name – #15670
black on olive
over right pocket

These two tabs go to US Cavalry. To order both you will have to hit “continue shopping”  after you put one in the shopping cart.  Then put 15670 in the search field on the left of the page and repeat the process… Item #15670

OP Force Logo
Opposition Force
For the walk on players that show up for at least 6 games.
Since this is the Marauders Second Division, OP-Force guys wear the patch of the 2nd Division. The “Indianhead” patch is one of the most recognized unit emblems in the U.S. Army.
Oddly enough, the patch was designed to distinguish Marines from their counterparts in WWI. A black shield with one five-pointed star and an Indian head with full war bonnet was selected. It is said that the black was for mourning and respect for their casualties, the shield for defense, and the star for the Second Division Commander, Brigadier General John A. Lejeune, and the Indian for General Lejeune’s nickname “Old Indian.” The army liked it and adopted the current form in WWII

OP Force Shoulder – PM0096
Left shoulder

OpForce Pocket
OP Force Pocket – PM0096
Over left pocket

The PM number is the stock number if you want to come in to J&S Surplus on the corner of Highway 1 and N. Struve Rd. in Moss Landing.
Awards presented for Excellence in the execution of Marauder Doctrine
All Awards and Ribbons  are designed and manufactured by Maj. D. Saster.  Ribbons are presented on the field at no cost.  Actual Medal and Framed Certificates are available for a small fee to cover Production Costs

 The Silver Ball

Silver Ball
This is the highest award of recognition which the Marauders have to offer. Only three have been awarded. To be nominated for this award, one’s actions must  be witnessed during the battle. Not only must the actions in question be clearly above and beyond  what is normally expected from a Marauder during the course of action but those actions must also be determined to have been: