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July 2,2000

Marauders played a game in Monterey.  There were more Marauders than not so we drew balls out of a hat.   The players who pulled out the black and silver balls became the Raiders. The other guys became the Silver team.  The Raiders dominated a few games and balls were drawn again to even things out.  On the second time we drew the balls out,  all of the fourteen guys there pulled the same ball color they had before.  What are the odds?  We had to draw again.  This left us with teams more evenly matched for the remainder of the day.   This is a fast paced field with the presence of poison oak as the only drawback.

This Player tries to out-flank his target.
Havok covers Aaron with the White Flag in the background
The bump on this tree is not to be trusted.
Nice head shot.
Look close at the tree in the middle. It might end your game.
One of the Guest Players is a distant relative of Gen. Stillwell of the WWII China-Burma campaign